Welcome to our new website! Please pardon our dust while we continue to build our site.

Three things we’d like you to know about us:

  • Customer Service is our priority – We know that exceptional customer service adds value to what we offer, and with the right products we intend to bring success to your garden.
  • Education amplifies success – As we continue to build our website we also intend to exemplify why the product you need is the right one for the your garden.
  • Value is another priority of ours – We strive to be the most valuable and cost effective indoor growing supply company not only in Oregon, but eventually we intend to be the most valuable resource in the nation. Right here in little old Salem. Combined with our exceptional and dedicated customer service we are already a partner that you can rely on.

We try to have all the answers, but if there’s something that we don’t know we will tell you that we don’t know and we’ll research it to find the correct answer to the issue.

Bookmark our website for future reference because it’s going to become a repository for the science of indoor growing as well as an online store offering discounted rates for the biggest brand names in the business.

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